Did you attend my panel at Archon 42?

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Below are the panels I presented at Archon 42:

Building a Costume: From Concept to Execution

Learn how an idea is developed, and the creative process of finding what is needed for construction of the final costume.

Presented By: Jan DiMasi (Moderator), Ariana Bauer, Les Roth, Eddie Wilson

Pattern Hacking for Cosplay / Costuming for Women

Why is it you can never find just the right pattern for your cosplay or costume? Learn how to use commercial sewing patterns and hack them to get the pattern you need for your cosplay. Learn about some basic drafting techniques, changing seamlines, mixing different patterns, and more.

Presented By: Ariana Bauer

Resources for Costumers

What are some of your favorite suggestions for stores, websites, and groups that costumers can benefit from?

Presented By: Ariana Bauer (Moderator), Margene Bahm, J.D. Streett, Pierre Pettinger Jr., Sannder Pettinger

Make Your Own Dice Bag: Sewing for Teens

Have you ever wanted to learn to sew? Enjoy a simple hand sewing project by making your own dice bag or trinket bag. No experience is needed! Pick from fun fabrics and go home with a completed project.

Presented By: Ariana Bauer

Pattern Hacking and Fitting Tips for Plus Size Ladies

Learn to how to make changes to patterns to better suit your body with tips, tricks, and pattern hacks so your cosplays fit you the way you were made. Stop worrying about your body fitting the pattern and make the pattern fit your body. Get fitting tips and techniques for fitting large busts, bigger hips, thighs, and arms.

Presented By: Ariana Bauer

From Picture to Reality: Finding Your Style Lines

Do you ever have difficulty figuring out how to translate your character into reality? Drawn characters often lack vital seaming lines making it difficult to translate the clothing from the image to reality. Learn how to "see" the seams so you can take your character from an idea to reality while taking your body into account.

Presented By: Ariana Bauer

About Cosplay Sewing School

Ariana Bauer

Teacher and Owner of
Cosplay Sewing School

I founded Cosplay Sewing School as a way to share my gift and love of sewing and costuming. I have been making my own clothing since I was 6 years old. Sewing is my lifelong passion, a craft I could not live without. Although I discovered cosplay later in my life, costuming has always been a passion of mine. I love how being in costume makes you feel and how cosplay gives you the freedom to express yourself in a whole new way.

In many conversations I have had with cosplayers, it seems sewing is one of the more intimidating skills to take on. There is so much to learn and so many different skills that need honed. My goal with Cosplay Sewing School is to take the intimidation out of sewing through simple classes that teach you to sew with small goals. Baby steps take the scary out of anything! I hope that you choose to learn to sew and I wish you the best in your costuming endeavors.

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